Scrub Plane
A Scrub Plane removes large quantities of wood in a hurry. In the past, Scrub Planes were used like a Thickness Planer to take rough-sawn boards down to size, before finishing with a Jack Plane and a Smooth Plane.

Today’s woodworker will still find pleasure in using a Scrub Plane for this purpose, and will also find it practical for shaping irregular objects, producing an interesting finished surface or for jobs like backing out a length of molding to fit an irregular wall.

Our Scrub Plane has a cast Iron body, 10¼" (26.03cm) long. The blade is massive to eliminate chatter — 1½" (3.81cm) x 3/16" (4.76mm) thick. A 3" (7.62cm) radius on the blade and an open throat allow taking a deep cut with ease. Based on the Stanley 40½ (11.43cm) .

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Scrub Plane

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