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TLN Knew Concept Wood Dust Starting out


Stay Tuned !!

We are working on new dates

for next year.


Something New!!


It is a great pleasure to offer

Peter Galberts Caliper

It's a "Turner's Tape Measure" the operator simply stops cutting when the desired diameter is reached. There is no need to set multiple tools and use them in the correct locations.  


Free Shipping in Australia for

all orders $249 or over


N.B Free Shipping does not apply to delivery to any of the benches. We will contact you with the delivery charges.


Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Australia

Welsh Stick Chairs


Available for Pre order

2- 3 weeks



Lie-Nielsen Toolworks

Australian Benches



Details Here


NB: Normal build & delivery times 6 weeks.

Please come and see us

June 16th - 17th 2018

Melbourne Hand Tool Event

Melbourne Guild of Fine Working


Lie Nielsen