Red Rose Reproductions Divider 7 1/2"

Dimensions -  7 1/2" (190.5 mm) pivot point to tip, 7 7/8" overall, working distance 9"

We are pleased to introduce Red Rose premium dividers to our product line. Making the myriad of tasks, namely transferring dimensions, dividing distances, laying out geometric shapes, and, in combination with the sector, performing multiple mathematical calculations without the need for formulas, a true pleasure.

Red Rose dividers were designed with a few key objectives in mind.  First, they needed to have the ability to be quickly adjusted.  Many dividers are fitted with thumbscrews used to open and close the arms.  This method is fine for some tasks but falls short when rapid adjustments are needed, such as when using with the sector where adjustments are frequent and cover a large range. Ours is fitted with a friction hinge allowing the legs to be rapidly set anywhere along with its range of movement. A thin Teflon washer between the arms provides a smooth, consistent motion throughout the range of movement.

 We also wanted the friction of the hinge to be adjustable.  In use, they should be easy to set, but hold position without unintentional movement.  This is accomplished by means of a screw and what’s known as a wavy washer at the pivot point.  All that is needed to adjust the tension is a straight-tipped screwdriver.  

Some of the nicest dividers produced were blacksmith made, with a three-leaf hinge and excellent balance in the hand.  The challenge for us was to try to incorporate these features into dividers made with modern CNC machining practices and produced at an economical price point.  The solution was to modify the hinge to a lap joint with a large-cap substituting for the third leaf, and to machine the legs in two pieces, with the lower points made in a turning operation, and the two parts screwed together.

Our dividers are machined from a pre-hardened alloy known as 4140PH.  This steel has a hardness of 28-32 Rc, making the tips less prone to distortion in use, and yet soft enough to be easily dressed if needed. This larger size is 7 1/2″ from the pivot point to the tips, and 7 7/8″ long overall, and will work at distances in excess of 9″.

The tips come sharp and ready to use out of the box.  We recommend slightly blunting the points with a fine stone when using them with the sector.  Otherwise, the points can be too “grabby” when locating in the drilled holes in the sector arms.

The dividers are made in the USA.  They come packed in a sturdy cardboard box with a fitted insert to keep them out of harm's way.  A user guide is included.

In the near future, we plan to add a compass attachment that can be used to draw circles and arcs.  One point is unscrewed from one of the legs and replaced with the attachment which in turn will hold a standard wooden pencil. More details will be forthcoming as things progress.

Also, we hope to add larger-sized dividers at some point.  Again, details will be shared as developments take place. 

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Divider Red Rose 7 1/2 inch

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