• Auriou Rasp Modeller's 7 - 13g


Modeller's Rasps


These are similar to cabinet rasps but are not as wide relative to their length. This allows you to work in tighter spaces. They are for more delicate shaping work and complement the work done by cabinetmaker’s rasps.

The 6" (150mm) grain 15 rasp is for making very fine refinements to your work whilst the 7" (175mm) grain 13 rasp is an excellent choice for final shaping work.

The 10" rasps are available in grains 9, 11, and 13.


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Auriou Rasp Modeller's 7 - 13g

  • Brand: Auriou
  • Product Code: AMR 7 - 13 grain
  • Availability: Available
  • AUD $173.00

  • Ex Tax: AUD $157.27