• Auriou Gouge Chisel Straight Skew - 10mm

Handmade by Auriou Toolworks at Forge de Saint Juery, France

Auriou woodcarving tools have been designed by master carver and teacher, ​Chris Pye. They are his favourite​ tools​ since ​he​ began carving. Uniquely their blades are forged by beating out a blank of steel to length before hammering the cross-section profile. This creates a very resilient grain structure in the metal which, when hardened to Rockwell 58C, underpins their great edge-holding properties.

​Chris has enjoyed working with Auriou on a re-design of their woodcarving tools. The new gouges have the older, 'allongee' style of blade that splays from the shoulder: they are lighter to use, the corners are more available for cutting, and their thin walls are of a uniform thickness.

They have slender octagonal ash handles with polished brass tapered ferules.


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Auriou Gouge Chisel Straight Skew - 10mm

  • Brand: Auriou
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