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Dividers are a valuable tool in woodworking, used in various tasks.

  • Layout: to enable the marking out of precise measurements on workpieces.
  • Stepping off distances: dividing a line or space into equal segments
  • Comparing gaps and openings: ensuring consistency across multiple parts.
  • Creating intricate designs and patterns, i.e. an octagon on the end of a square blank
  • Transfer layouts from one part to another ensure identical construction.  

Different types of dividers exist

  • Spring dividers that have an adjustable tension feature to allow precise measurements
  • Wing dividers (compasses) for durable, locked, and stable settings, hardened sharp points that can pierce wood perfect for scribing and marking measurements.
  • Firm-joint dividers have a solid joint for stability when making adjustments, these are faster to set and very useful for quick measures.

Understanding how to use dividers effectively will take your craftsmanship to a high level, increase accuracy, save time, and elevate the quality of your work.

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