Benches & Hardware

Benches & Hardware


 A workbench is one of the most important tools in the shop. A good bench needs to be flat, stable and heavy. 

We have signed an agreement with Lie-Nielsen USA to produce their benches here in Australia under license.  

Manufacture is by Dunstone Design in Queanbeyan NSW. Evan Dunstone is a pre-eminent furniture maker here, and well equipped to make these benches to the same standard you can always expect from Lie-Nielsen. Vises and hardware on the Lie-Nielsen benches will all be from Lie-Nielsen. 

A range of benches are also being made by Evan and will have a variety of vises by Lake Erie and HNT Gordon, the same standard as the Lie-Nielsen, they are flat, stable, and heavy.

Benches can be built to suit your desired specifications, which include dimensions and hardware placement,  for your convenience, it is necessary and best if you contact Evan Dunstone directly (details here), to discuss any modifications, purchasing, and delivery arrangements through Dunstone Design.

However for details on the vise hardware or to purchase some separately, please click here.

(N.B. Plans for these benches are not available as they proprietary products.)

Please allow approximately 6 weeks lead time,(or more depending on specifications and hardware supply).


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