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Blade LN No 62 Bevel 90 Degree
Low Angle Jack Plane Blade, 90º Bevel The 90º bevel allows you to use this tool as a scraper...
AUD $ 89.00
Blade Replacement for Adj Mouth Block Plane
Adjustable Mouth Block Planes These Iron Block Planes are 6¼" long with a 1-3/8" (3.49cm) x ..
AUD $ 59.00
Blue Spruce MSys Handle Classic Jarrah Blk Ferrule
Handle Only, Classic with Black ferrule, hard Jarrah timber, for an easy pen style grip for dovet..
AUD $ 77.00
Blue Spruce Sloyd Knife
Discontinued The Blue Spruce Sloyd Knife is based upon the original pattern recommended for t..
AUD $ 169.00
Carbide Burnisher
  Carbide Burnisher Creating a burr on a scraper requires a hard, highly polis..
AUD $ 84.00
Carving Wooden Spoons with Peter Follansbee
Carving Wooden Spoons with Peter Follansbee    With a few simple tools and ch..
AUD $ 54.00
Chisel Bevel Edge Socket 3/8 in
AUD $ 115.00
Chisel Fishtail 5/8"
Fishtail Chisels Fishtail Chisels are perfect for reaching the back corners of half blind do..
AUD $ 149.00
Cloth Sunshine Polishing
Sunshine Polishing Cloth   Keep your tools looking new! Safely cleans jewelry, gold,..
AUD $ 8.00
Curved Fence Replacement for Beading Tool
      Straight and Curved Fences with Washer and Thumbscrew. If ordere..
AUD $ 23.00
Float Mortise 1/2" Push
  Mortise Floats Mortise floats come in five sizes: 1/2" (1.27cm), 3/8" (9.52mm), 5/..
AUD $ 119.00
Frog 50 degree High Angle for No. 4 & 5 Bench Planes
High Angle Frog Until now, all Stanley-type bench plane irons were bedded at 45°, or Common Pit..
AUD $ 129.00
Improved Chipbreaker 1 3/4 inch
AUD $ 69.00
Inlay Blade - .062" Radius Cutter
  Radius Cutter For scribing inlay grooves in a radius. 11/16" (1.74cm) minimum radi..
AUD $ 23.00
Inlay Blade Straight Line Cutter  .062"
  Straight Line Cutter For scribing inlay grooves parallel to an edge. Maximum cutti..
AUD $ 23.00
Lens Plate #4
The standard Magni-Focuser comes with Lens Plate #4. We carry six additional Lens Plates of varyi..
AUD $ 21.00
LH Chisel 3/8"
Long Handled Chisels The same as our Bevel edge Socket chisels, fitted with long 7 inch handles..
AUD $ 115.00
LN 212 Replacement Blade
LN 212 Toothed Blade pictured, not 212 Replacement Blade. ..
AUD $ 38.00
LN 98 Replacement Blade
AUD $ 52.00
LN Boggs Curved & Flat Replacement Blade
A2 Steel Blade. ..
AUD $ 59.00