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Mortise Chisel 5/16 in
Mortise Chisels Designed with cabinetmaking in mind, not timber framing, these well-balanced Mo..
AUD $ 129.00
Nails Clous-Rivierre Diamond-Shaped, 50mm Black - Box of 100
Diamond Head These Diamond Head nails, produced by Rivierre Nails of France, have a four-face..
AUD $ 59.00
No 49 Replacement Blade
AUD $ 59.00
No. 4 1/2 Smooth Plane - Core Tool
No. 4-1/2 Smooth Plane The ultimate Smoothing Plane — it is a bit longer and wider than the No...
AUD $ 579.00
No. 4 Bench Plane in Iron
No. 4 Bench Plane A full size Smoothing Plane, 9½" (24.1cm) long, 2" (5.08cm) x .125" (3.17mm) ..
AUD $ 579.00
Ohishi 10000
Ohishi Waterstone We recommend using waterstones for your day to day sharpening and these Ohi..
AUD $ 199.00
Ohishi 8000
Ohishi Waterstone We recommend using waterstones for your day to day sharpening and these Ohi..
AUD $ 169.00
Peacock Oil 250ml - Clear Honey
Skelton Saws Peacock Oil "A Luxurious Figure Enhancing Wood Finish To Be Truly Proud Of" ..
AUD $ 66.00
Rema Pointed Cutting Brush-Water/Acrylic-No. 3
25mm Water/Acrylic Cutting Brush The round and slender French brushes are superb for irr..
AUD $ 24.00
Scissors Stork
Stork Scissors   Small sewing scissors. Overall length 3-3/4". Blade length 1". Hot ..
AUD $ 21.00
Shirt LN T-Shirt - Black - Extra Large
Lie-Nielsen T-Shirt 100% cotton T-shirts. Small logo on front, large oval logo on rear. Color..
AUD $ 49.00
Side Rabbet Planes
Side Rabbet Planes If you have ever cut a dado and wished it was just a bit wider, you wil..
AUD $ 399.00
Small Bronze Flat Spokeshave with Case
  Small Bronze Spokeshave This Spokeshave is based on a tool that hasn’t been availabl..
AUD $ 215.00 AUD $ 204.00
Small Router Plane - Closed Throat
  Small Router Planes Loosely based on the Stanley 271, these small router planes..
AUD $ 159.00
Small Shoulder Plane
  Small Shoulder Plane This is the smallest of the Preston style shoulder planes, 5..
AUD $ 319.00
Starrett 100mm Sliding Rule Square
100mm Sliding Rule Square Sliding blade makes this precision square handy for layout. Depth and..
AUD $ 169.00
Straight Fence Replacement for Beading Tool
  Straight and Curved Fences with Washer and Thumbscrew. If ordered as replace..
AUD $ 23.00
Wooden Cam Clamp 6x8
Wooden Cam Clamp 6"x8" Jaw Length: 6" Jaw Opening: 8" Hard Maple Jaws, Spring Steel Bard, Cor..
AUD $ 27.90
Wooden Hand Screw Clamp 10
Wooden Hand Screw Clamp 10"   Materials: Hard Maple Jaws & Handles, Acme Thr..
AUD $ 38.90
Aime Ledin Double Hinged Compass with Pencil Holder
We understand that these maybe the only Double Hinged (Double Charniere) compasses made today. Th..
AUD $ 59.00