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Inlay Blade Straight Cutter .041"
  Straight Line Cutter For scribing inlay grooves parallel to an edge. Maximum cutti..
AUD $ 23.00
Knew Concepts Mk IV Heavy Duty 8" Fret Saw with Lever Tension and Swivel Blade.
Knew Concepts Mk IV Heavy Duty 8" Fret Saw with Lever Tension and Swivel Blade.   Re..
AUD $ 240.00
Lens Plate #2
The standard Magni-Focuser comes with Lens Plate #4. We carry six additional Lens Plates of varyi..
AUD $ 21.00
LH Chisel 1/4"
Long Handled Chisels The same as our Bevel edge Socket chisels, fitted with long 7 inch handles..
AUD $ 115.00
Lie-Nielsen No. 140 Replacement Blade - Right
Skew Block Plane Blade, Right hand Replacement blade for the Right hand version of our No. 14..
AUD $ 73.00
Lie-Nielsen No. 2 Replacement Blade
AUD $ 53.00
LN # 112 -18tpt Tooth Blade
Toothed blades, for preparing surfaces for veneering and for working exceptionally difficult grai..
AUD $ 99.00
LN 40B SCRUB  Blade
Butt Mortise Plane Scrub Blade A Scrub Blade for the No. 40 Butt Mortise Plane, useful for ra..
AUD $ 48.00
LN 6" Steel Rule
  The perfect tool to use for David Charlesworth's ruler trick (as seen in his DVD..
AUD $ 10.00
LN Honing Guide Mortise Jaw Pair
Lie-Nielsen Honing Guide Jaws The Standard Jaws (included with the Honing Guide) fit most..
AUD $ 59.00
LN No 66 Blanks
Five hardened, blank A-2 Tool Steel blades, 5/8" (1.58cm)wide . ..
AUD $ 19.00
Ln No 95 Replacement Blade (Left or Right)
AUD $ 45.00
Low Angle Adj Mouth Block Plane Rodmaker's Groove
OPTIONAL FLY ROD MAKERS GROOVE The Adjustable Mouth Block Planes is available with the ..
AUD $ 357.00
Low Angle Jack Rabbet Plane Blade
Low Angle Jack Rabbet Plane A Lie-Nielsen original, this plane is a cross bet..
AUD $ 69.00
Molding Plane Blank 1/2"
The 9 blades (O-1 Tool Steel, unhardened) offered are designed to cover all the widths necessary ..
AUD $ 35.00
Mortise & Tenon Magazine Issue Three
In 2016 Joshua Klein, a Maine-based furniture maker and conservator, launched an annual print mag..
AUD $ 40.00
Mortise Chisel 1/4 in
Mortise Chisels Designed with cabinetmaking in mind, not timber framing, these well-balanced Mo..
AUD $ 129.00
Nails Clous-Rivierre Diamond-Shaped, 40mm Black - Box of 100
Diamond Head These Diamond Head nails, produced by Rivierre Nails of France, have a four-face..
AUD $ 45.00
No 48 Replacement Blade
AUD $ 59.00
No. 3 Bench Plane Bronze with 55 Degree Frog
No. 3 Bench Plane Just a bit smaller than the No. 4, this is a serious small smoother. 9" (22.8..
AUD $ 619.00