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Bench Rabbet Replacement Nicker
AUD $ 12.00
Blade LN No 62 Replacement blade
Low Angle Jack Plane Blade ..
AUD $ 75.00
Blue Spruce 24oz Joiner's Mallet Jarrah /maple/fancy
Sometimes a heavier, more authoritative mallet is needed. This 24 oz Joiner's mallet is perfect f..
AUD $ 249.00
Blue Spruce MSys Handle Round Maple Sst Ferrule
Handle Only, Round with Stainless Steel ferrule, infused curly maple timber, fits perfectly into ..
AUD $ 77.00
Boggs Curved with Case
  Boggs Spokeshave The Boggs Spokeshave is an original design by Kentucky Master Ch..
AUD $ 299.00
Carving The Pineapple with Mary May
Carving the Pineapple with Mary May In this DVD, Mary May demonstrates how to carve the p..
AUD $ 39.00
Chisel Bevel Edge Socket 1/4 in
Bevel Edge Socket Chisels Lie-Nielsen Chisels are based on the Stanley 750 Bevel Edge Socket Ch..
AUD $ 120.00
Chisel Fishtail 1/2"
Fishtail Chisels Fishtail Chisels are perfect for reaching the back corners of half blind do..
AUD $ 164.00
Clamp Gauge Aprentice Kit
ClampGAUGE - Apprentice Kit:   >> ClampGAUGE Clamping Cauls - Achi..
AUD $ 255.00
Corner Chisel 1/2"
  Corner Chisels Producing square mortises is exacting work. The corner chisel, use..
AUD $ 149.00
Float Mortise 5/16" Push
  Mortise Floats Mortise floats come in five sizes: 1/2" (1.27cm), 3/8" (9.52mm), 5/..
AUD $ 119.00
Frog 45 degree for 4 1/2 to 7 Bench Planes
High Angle Frogs Until now, all Stanley-type bench plane irons were bedded at 45 degrees, or ..
AUD $ 129.00
Grace USA 3 Piece Square Recess Screwdriver Set
GRACE USA 3 Piece Square Recess Screwdriver Set Grace USA 3 Pc Square Recess Screwdriver Set ..
AUD $ 44.00
Handle for 6-10 inch files (D)
Handle for 6-10 inch files (D) ..
AUD $ 8.00
Handscrapers Wallet
Hand Scrapers Pair of Hand Scrapers made from premium, high carbon Swedish Tool Steel, 2½" (6.3..
AUD $ 49.00
Improved Chipbreaker 1 3/16 inch
AUD $ 69.00
Inlay Blade - .041" Radius Cutter
  Radius Cutter For scribing inlay grooves in a radius. 11/16" (1.74cm) minimum radi..
AUD $ 23.00
Inlay Blade Straight Cutter .041"
  Straight Line Cutter For scribing inlay grooves parallel to an edge. Maximum cutti..
AUD $ 23.00
Knew Concepts Mk IV Heavy Duty 8" Fret Saw with Lever Tension and Swivel Blade.
Knew Concepts Mk IV Heavy Duty 8" Fret Saw with Lever Tension and Swivel Blade.   Re..
AUD $ 240.00
Lens Plate #2
The standard Magni-Focuser comes with Lens Plate #4. We carry six additional Lens Plates of varyi..
AUD $ 21.00