Marking Steel Kit with a single bevel side handle.

Kit includes a single-sided spear point 075 steel, with a bevel side handle in Wenge with brass pins, and assembly instructions.

Sometimes getting a knife mark as a measure requires a single-sided bevel blade, mostly a chisel or plane blade can serve but occasionally i.e. when marking the inside measure of trims, skirting, and moulding around cabinets or boxes, a spear point marking steel is preferable, the problem is hanging on to a relatively thin blade.

So, we have added a handle to the bevel side of the steel, allowing added purchase and heft to the tool, giving accurate, mistake-free marking.

The blade is a Hock Tool spear point, 178mm Long, 19 mm Wide (max), and 2.4mm Thick. 

Total weight 76 grams

Other advantages are

  • at 2.4 mm thick it can still get pretty much anywhere into narrow spaces.
  • it is very light
  • can be comfortably held in a "pencil grip"
  • the bevels are wide and don’t require a secondary bevel, so they can easily be resharpened
  • it will not flex, so it won’t stray from the line needed to be marked.
  • the spear point allows marking directionally left or right-handed.
  • it is not expensive
  • Useful for removing glue from inside corners or glued joints in panels where a plane can sometimes grab the glue in a misaligned joint and cause tear out.
  • Can be used to score dowels, dovetails, and pins projecting from a surface to prevent short grain breaks or tearing.


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Marking Steel Handle Kit 075

  • Brand: Hock Tools
  • Product Code: 2-MK- MJHO-075-KIT
  • Availability: Available
  • AUD $67.00

  • Ex Tax: AUD $60.91

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