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  • Ohishi Stone Board only
  • Ohishi Stone Board only

Ohishi Stone  board

We recommend using Waterstones for your day to day sharpening and these Ohishi Waterstones are the best we've come across. They cut quickly but are dense and hard enough that a spritz of water is all you need to get to work (do not soak these Waterstones).

Having your stones readily available is, we think, a vital part of the daily activity of sharpening, and because these stones only need a spritz of water to begin working, having them held securely on a holding board allows no setup time, leaving no reason to put off sharpening your blades.

N.B. board material (marine ply) supply may mean the colour of the jig may change from time to time.

The board is sealed with Shellac, it does not need any other finishing, but you can apply any other finish over the shellac should you wish.

The board has set up for 25 deg, 30 deg, 35 deg & 50 deg bevel measures and is designed for use with our honing guide. The board has a cleat on the bottom to secure it to the side of your bench, or in your vise.

To use the blade measuring stops, simply place the blade in the honing guide and push the blade to an appropriate degree stop on the board allowing the guide to slide in to meet the board base. 


NB: you can use your old oil stones to sharpen Lie-Nielsen blades, but because of the hardness and the thickness of our blades oil stones are extraordinarily slow, this is why we are recommending the Ohishi stones


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Ohishi Stone Board only

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