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Starrett Band Saw Blade 13x3 3550

Starrett Band Saw Blade 13x3 3550
Brand: Starrett
Product Code: BSW-WPP13X3HOOK
Availability: Pre-Order
Price: AUD $ 30.00
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Starrett Band Saw Blade

Blade Length mm TPI Blade width mm Tooth shape
3550 3 13 Hook


Please note: these are not a stocked item, brands of saws will have different lengths for their blades.

Make sure you tell us the Blade Length of your saw, and write that in the instruction section of your order.

We can order different TPI, Widths, and tooth shapes, but you will have to ring us for details and pricing.


• Ideal for a variety of woodworking applications   

• Can includes blades as thin as 0.50mm (.020") for contour cutting fine hardwoods and thicker blades for tough tasks including pallet work

• Hardened spring tempered back and ground, precision set teeth with positive tooth angles

• Thin kerf 

• Longer life and faster cutting with less feed

• High production rates and increased yields

• Can be re-sharpened

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