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Marking Set with slip box

Marking Set with slip box
Marking Set with slip box
Brand: Lie-Nielsen Australia
Product Code: Markset 2
Availability: In Stock
Price: AUD $ 1,650.00
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Fine furniture making requires skill and fine tools, overlooked in this process are marking tools, making accurate marks and lines to work to, is vital to precise work. 

We are putting together sets of tools that will enable accurate and beautiful work.

All are from our range of quality tools, Starrett, Blue Spruce, Glen Drake & Lie-Nielsen and a slip box is included, (this is an open box with kaisen foam insert with extended tongue base to be used with drawer slips [ not supplied ] for under bench or tool box applications. L x 388mm, W x 263mm, H x 50mm.)

NB: please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery as I may have to build some boxes, and timber used may vary.


Slip Box with Kaisen Foam insert

Tite-mark Long

Dovetail Marker

Marking Knife 

Scratch Awl

Joiners Knife

Combination Square 300mm

Combination Square 150mm

Caliper 150mm Vernier

Bevel Gauge


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