• No. 5 Jack Plane

No. 5 Jack Plane

The Jack Plane

We teach our classes using this versatile core tool, because it can both prepare and finish smooth. This is the plane of choice when teaching with a minimalist set of tools, aptly demonstrating to the beginning woodworker that a vast range of tools is not necessary when getting started. It should be your first plane, it will successfully produce good work while you learn, and allow you to know when you will need other planes in your kit.

Size, 14" (35.6cm) long with a 2" (5.08cm) x .125" (3.17mm) thick blade. At 5½ lbs., this tool has great presence and excellent balance. Now shipping with the Improved Chipbreaker.

Toothed blades for Block Planes and Bench Planes have small chisel-like teeth .030" (.762mm) wide, and spaced .030" apart. They are used for heavy stock removal in difficult grain. Follow with a fine-set Smoothing Plane.

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No. 5 Jack Plane

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