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  • Important - year 2021

27th December 2020


Most factories in the U.S. including Lie-Nielsen, have been severely impacted by the pandemic there, they are having to run at reduced staffing levels, added to that, raw materials have been difficult to obtain, therefore output has been very slow, in some cases non-existent.

Some Changes to Lie-Nielsen products.


  • Backorders - to speed and regain control of production. The U.S. has canceled all backorders, including ours.
  • Products - A list of what will be core products has been created by the U.S.
  • Ordering - You have been unable to order products from us if they were out of stock through 2020. As of the 1st of January 2021, because the core products have now been identified, we will be reopening our website to orders of core products, even if they are out of stock. 
  • Stock Holding - By ordering products you want, we will be able to identify and boost our stocks in the hope of keeping the core products on the shelf for you. Be aware some core products will be produced intermittently depending on what the factory can manage. Initially, production will be a little slow as the factory comes up to speed.
  • Non-core Products - will be switched off until they become available again (and when the factory has some time,) at which time, they will be available on the website until sold out, they will be then switched off again.
  • Not on the website? - If it is a core product, you will be able to order it. If it is not on our website we will be unable to request it from the factory.
  • Kits and Sets limited stocks will mean these will not be available for 2021.
  • Estimated Times of Arrival - to be honest, initially, these will be "guesstimations" but should firm up as the year progresses.
  • And because some other products will not be available for 2021 and will disappear off the website, you might want to obtain a catalogue which will show all products we have stocked in the past, and will in the future.

A huge thank you for your support and your patience during 2020. 

Right now, we are working on making adjustments to our website to accommodate these changes.

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Important - year 2021

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