Low Angle Jack Plane

Our Low Angle Jack Plane is based on the Stanley 62. It is a 14" (35.56cm) plane with a 2" (5.08cm) blade bedded at 12°. An adjustable shoe allows easy, precise adjustment of the mouth opening.

The body is made from fully stress relieved Ductile Iron castings. The blade is a hefty 3/16" (4.7mm) thick, ground razor sharp. Adjustment is very positive with a knurled Stainless Steel captive nut. The cap iron is Bronze, the knob and handle are hand-finished Cherry.

This is an outstanding plane. The low angle blade set with the bevel up (making this technically a block plane) was originally designed for end grain work. Our massive blade makes for very smooth cutting on end or long grain and figured woods. The blade is shipped with a 25° flat bevel. Using higher angles up to 40° gives excellent results on difficult grain. This can easily be done by honing a small secondary bevel at the higher angle. An extra blade on hand prepared this way is very handy.

The generous handle is hand-shaped for a comfortable grip. The soles are ground dead flat. Design and workmanship combine to make a tool that will be a pleasure to own and use every day for years to come.

Some People like to use our Low Angle Jack for shooting. Our new 'Hot Dog' attachment will make this technique much more comfortable.

Toothed blades for Block Planes and Bench Planes have small chisel-like teeth .030" (.762mm) wide, and spaced .030" apart. They are used for heavy stock removal in difficult grain. Follow with a fine-set Smoothing Plane. To view a video demonstrating the use of toothed blades, click here.


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Low Angle Jack Plane No 62

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