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Apron Lie-Nielsen Australian Leather

Apron Lie-Nielsen Australian Leather
Availability: Out Of Stock
Price: AUD $ 279.00
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LNA Leather Apron

Most leather aprons are too hot for Australian conditions.This light weight very flexible leather apron is Australian made from Australian subtle leather, it has across the shoulder leather straps, the fit is one size fits all, (it really does), and because it does not strap to you, allows air to flow, comfortable....well having used it for a while, it is embarrassing how many times you walk into the house having forgotten you have it on.

The top bib pocket has three spots for rulers and pencils, the short pocket is for a pencil that gets shorter and shorter. The lower side pockets are not deep and allow for a knife to be easily reached, the centre pockets have a shallow flap to prevent dust ingress. Straps are adjustable via brass "Sam Brown" studs. Any colour as long as it is brown. 


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