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Blue Spruce Large Birdcage Awl

Blue Spruce Large Birdcage Awl
Brand: Blue Spruce Toolworks
Product Code: LSA1 Birdcage cm round
Availability: In Stock
Price: AUD $ 99.00 AUD $ 91.00
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The large scratch, or brad awl has a much more robust construction than the small scratch awl and is capable of taking taps from a mallet to create larger screw holes. The hardened, high carbon point is 3/16 inch in diameter at the large section and tapers to the point after about 3 inches. The overall length of the tool is 7 inches. The tip on the large scratch awl can be ordered with a standard conical point or with four ground flats that convert it into a "birdcage" awl. These sharp flats help sever the wood fibers and ream the hole as you twist the awl rather than compressing them like a standard conical point. If you plan to use the large awl primarily for starting larger screw holes, order the birdcage tip. If you plan to use the awl primarily for marking or starting smaller screw holes, order the standard point. Either way, this is a beautiful and useful addition to your marking tool collection.

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