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Classes 2020 - Oct JMT 21st - 25th

Classes 2020 - Oct JMT 21st - 25th
Classes 2020 - Oct JMT 21st - 25th
Brand: Lie-Nielsen Australia
Product Code: JMT - Strath 5 day Oct 2020
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Price: AUD $ 990.00
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Journeyman Class - Strathalbyn SA 5 day Advanced Joinery Course - Dovetails.

5 day condensed; interstate visitors welcome

N.B. We are building a toolbox, but it is about the joinery techniques, these will make a great gift if you have no need for the box.

Held in Strathalbyn, South Australia, If you have been working by hand for a while, have good hand saw and markout skills , you will enjoy this course, you will build a Toolbox to house the course core tools we use in the school. All about dovetails this will complete the Skills Series, enabling you to go from project to project smoothly and with confidence, finding new skills to ad to those you have been practicing, as with any learning process your development will be smoother as you use your existing experiences to master those new skills, and here's the point, it will enhance the fun you have along your journey.

A little different from the original Deneb Puchalski toolbox

  • The four side parts are intended to be joined with sturdy through dovetails; this is a robust joint, but if you feel intimidated we can switch to rebated joinery.
  • The bottom boards are tongued-and-grooved and attached front to back to the box to cope with a higher load;  a dovetailed skirting board top and bottom creates the fold that covers the top and bottom of the box, these are placed to add extra support to the box side joinery.
  • The solid box top, that is attached with hinges, has a strip along three sides that are mitred at the corners; and reinforced by Japanese wooden nails preventing the top from warping and there is a rebate protecting the contents of the box against dirt and dust
  • Depending on the stage of work, you can attach handles (we use spring back steel handles, they are more compact) or adapt the interior design (mountings, additional removable boxes, etc.) individually to accommodate your own tools

All materials  will be supplied. 

Because we are limited to 6 per class, please email or ring us for bookings, address and other  details. or ph : 0418842974

Click on the  free download tab to get a PDF of the lesson overview

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