LNA Dovetail Accessory Blade

Made to fit the PEC 100mm Double Sliding Rule square. They are for accurate checking of the squareness of your dovetails to ensure easy-fit joints for assembly.

By using the surface of two pins for reference the small 8mm part of the blade allows for "bridging" the tops of the pins to check for square and allow adjustments to prevent a wedging effect from splitting the dovetail board. The slender 2.5 mm projection enables checking for square in very small pins. The blade is also useful in checking the ends and sides of mortises for square and for consistent depth as well.

Made from hardened steel the blade is 102mm long in total, the wide section is 8mm, the thin projection width is 2.5mm, and  35mm long. The blade thickness is 1.59 mm.

Care -  just give it a wipe in Jojoba oil, when finished with it.

N.B. This blade no longer fits Starrett tools.

Made in Australia

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Dovetail Blade for the PEC 100mm Double Square

  • Brand: Montrose Tools
  • Product Code: 2-LNA-SDR
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