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Skew Block Plane 140B w/- nicker Left

Skew Block Plane 140B w/- nicker Left
Brand: Lie-Nielsen Toolworks
Product Code: 1-140B-L
Availability: In Stock
Price: AUD $ 415.00
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Skew Block Planes

This unusual plane derives from the Stanley No. 140, which was taken out of production many years ago. It is a Block Plane with a skewed blade and a removable side plate to allow quick conversion from general planing to rabbeting.

An adjustable fence makes it convenient for rabbeting and cross-grain work, such as fielding raised panels. The l½" (3.81cm) x 1/8" (3.17mm) thick blade is bedded at 12°, and has a captive nut for positive and accurate adjusting. Body is 6-7/8" (17.46cm) x 1-7/8" (4.76cm).

Improved round A-2 nicker standard on all tools. For scoring cross-grain fibers, retracts when not in use.

This plane has substantial heft. The extra weight and skewed low angle blade facilitate smooth, sure cutting, even in hard woods and difficult grains. Full polish and careful hand finishing are the final touches to this unique and beautiful tool.

Because of the skew, there are times when the tool will be cutting against the grain in a rabbet. For this reason, we also offer a left-hand version. 

For full sharping instuctions click on the Downloads Tab above and click "download" in the link column

Blade configuration

Blade Adjustment:

Hold the tool in one hand with your fingers supporting the sole, and your thumb on the cap iron just in front of the screw. Loosen the spinwheel, and with your thumb still holding the blade and cap, adjust the blade. Tighten the spinwheel. Do not overtighten. You should be able to adjust the blade after loosening the spinwheel about 1/4 turn. Because of the unsupported right side, there is some flex inherent in that thin metal edge when the cap is tensioned on the blade. This will produce a slightly tapered shaving which will normally not present a problem, but if on occasion it does, adjust the blade slightly out of parallel with the sole to produce a shaving of uniform (not tapered) thickness.

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