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Starrett 5pce Nail punch

Starrett 5pce Nail punch
Brand: Starrett
Product Code: S800PC
Availability: In Stock
Price: AUD $ 169.00
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Starrett Square-Head Nail Punch Set S800PC

 includes a set of five in protective plastic case, one each of 800A, B, C, D,E SET of 5: One each of Nos. 800A/B/C/D/E in Case


  •  Knurled Grip for secure holding 
  •  Large, square head provides a large striking surface 
  •  Beveled end prevents breakage 
  •  Cupped punch surface to follow nail without sliding off 
  •  Hardened and Tempered 
  •  Made of specially selected steel 
  •  Punch diameter clearly marked on the head 
  •  Plastic Case

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