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Handmade by Gary Rogowski

Handmade by Gary Rogowski
Brand: Lie-Nielsen Toolworks
Product Code: 2-BK-GR-HM
Availability: In Stock
Price: AUD $ 45.00
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"Handmade: Creative Focus in the Age of Distraction" by Gary Rogowski
In the tradition of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and Shop Class as Soulcraft, Handmade is a profound meditation on the eternal value of manual work, creativity, human fallibility, and the stubborn pursuit of quality work. Rogowski tells his life story of how he became a craftsman and how years of persistent work have taught him patience, resilience, tolerance for failure, and a love of pursuing beauty and mastery for its own sake.
Part autobiography, part guide to creativity, and part guide to living, Handmade is a book for craftspeople, artists, and anyone who seeks clarity, purpose, and creativity in their work—and it's the perfect antidote to a modern world that thinks human labor is obsolete.
Linden Publishing, 2017. Paperback, 183 pages. Printed in the USA.

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