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Rema Double Curved Brush - Oil/Varnish - 25mm

Rema Double Curved Brush - Oil/Varnish - 25mm
Brand: Rema Technibrosse
Product Code: 110BM25
Availability: In Stock
Price: AUD $ 12.00
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Oil & Varnish Brushes - 25mm 

Made by a famous, traditional brush making firm that still only uses the best mix of hand and machine manufacturing methods. One of these elements is to use only top quality bristle, securely bonded. Among other benefits, these brushes hold more finish because they are solid, thick bristle from tip to handle – with none of the “filler” used by most. They will last for many decades of use if cared for properly. 

Proper trimming is one of the most difficult \and expensive steps in making a first quality brush. Mass produced ones are either trimmed straight across or cut in a simple “chisel” shape. These brushes are hand trimmed with the traditional (but now very rare) double-curved shape (the tips have a gradual radius in both width and thickness). This ensures a smoother flow of finish, eliminates “ridges” at the edges as you brush and reduces overlapping marks.

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