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Frog 50 degree High Angle for No 3 & No 5 1/4

Frog 50 degree High Angle for No 3 & No 5 1/4
Brand: Lie-Nielsen Toolworks
Product Code: 1-frog1-34-50
Availability: Nil-stock item: Order Only
Price: AUD $ 129.00
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Until now, all Stanley-type bench plane irons were bedded at 45°, or Common Pitch. But the famous English Smoothers like Norris are usually 50° (York Pitch) or 55° (Middle Pitch). The higher pitches make smoothing difficult wood easier. Our unique High Angle Frogs quickly convert our No. 4 and No. 4½ Smoother to York or Middle Pitch. These frogs will also fit our other planes with 2" (5.08cm) or 2-3/8" (6cm) blades. Will not fit other makes of planes. May be ordered extra or installed in the tool. 


10th July 2020 - N.B. we will no longer be holding stock of frogs in Australia, they will still be avaiable through us , but as order only products from the United States, normally ETA is 7-10 working days.

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