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Woodworking Classes - Tool Skills, practice and theory

Woodworking Classes - Tool Skills, practice and theory

More Classes Starting, now located in Strathalbyn, South Australia.

Strathalbyn is one of the prettiest towns in South Australia. Located 57 km southeast of Adelaide on the banks of the River Angas, in the Fleurieu. Easily reached from the east or west via the South Eastern Freeway, and the Mt Barker exit. Follow the signs through glorious countryside to arrive in the town. A thriving heritage listed country town, it offers a wide variety of shopping, events and some of the best food, wine and recreation in the State. Plenty of accommodation no more than 2-3 minutes from any where in town.

Skill series, course 1

Essential Skills of Woodworking (code ESW)...... experience - none reqiured..... N.B. This course is available at Interstate locations click here

 For instruction in practice and theory sessions around hand tools and hand tool work-practices, i.e. sharpening (obviously), how to setup the tools and use them, how to construct and use important jigs, different timber types and uses, fasteners, some joints and their uses, benches and why they are all important to hand tools. Achieve Straight, Flat, Square and Sharp..... everytime!

Skill series, course 2

 Journeyman (code JMA)..... experience - completion of Skill series, course 1 - or similar

To move to the next step, the essential skills of creating joints, (using the skills you have already learned and some new ones), to successfully enable the transfer of these set of skills from project to project, giving you the speed, accuracy, and safety, impossible for machines to match when producing, one off, be-spoke builds. 

N.B. - To ensure a satisfactory end result to this course; please consider completing Skill series, course 1 , if you have not already. If you are unsure, please do not hesitate to ring us; our objective is to ensure that you succeed in your endeavours.

Skill series, course 3

Journeyman's Toolbox (code JMT)..... experience - to have completed the Skill series, course 2 ], N.B. - this course is only for Skill series students.

This will be the completion of the skill series, there will be use of a majority of the skills and techniques you have learned in the first two courses, you will be building a toolbox to contain the core tools you have been using.  If you are interested please contact us, and we will put you on the list, we are only doing this once a year, we are planning for the end of 2019 and annually there-after. We can only take 6 students per class.

To download the classes overview PDF .... CLICK HERE  and click the download tab


 We have to limit attendance to 6 per class, please email or ring us for bookings, address and other  details.

These are condensed 3 day / 8 hour sessions (+ 1hr for lunch)

The courses are separate, but the run dates will be back to back with one day off in between.

Interstate clients welcome; dates posted below. or ph : 0418 842 974

Note Please: the dates for courses for 2019 will be finalised over the next months