Spokeshaves, Drawknives, Froes & Axes

Spokeshaves, Drawknives, Froes & Axes

Lie-Nielsen Toolworks have a range of spokeshaves, drawknives & froes that are a very effective and a joy to use.

Boggs spokeshaves

The original Boggs Spokeshave is hefty and solid, weighing 12 oz. Designed for fine, precise shaping in all woods. Available with either a flat or curved sole.

A collaboration between Master Chair Maker Brian Boggs and Lie-Nielsen Toolworks. A 2-5/8" diameter sole makes the Boggs Concave Spokeshave the right choice for working chair spindles and other round parts.

Lie-Nielsen Small

This Spokeshave is based on a tool that hasn’t been available since Edward Preston and Sons went out of business in the 1930’s. Lightweight but solid.  Redesigned for fine, precise shaping work in all woods. Available with a flat or curved sole (1-1/2" radius).


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