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Tapered Back Saws

Tapered Back Saws


Lie-Nielsen Tapered Back Saws

Lie-Nielsen have redesigned their three most popular back saws to feature a slight tapering of the blade from toe to heel. This taper gives you better control over precise cuts. When you reach the gauge line on the front of your stock, the blade is slightly above the line on the back side, which reduces the risk of sawing past your line. In addition, the taper introduces an angled approach to your stock (when holding the saw back parallel to the bench), enabling faster cuts with less effort. 

Lost Art Press have commented on the Advantage of Tapered Saws here.

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Tapered Dovetail Saw
  Tapered Dovetail Saw The Tapered Dovetail Saw has a ¼” taper along the length..
AUD $ 249.00
Tapered Carcass Saw
  Tapered Crosscut Saw Our Tapered Crosscut Saw is patterned after our Carcass Saw&n..
AUD $ 279.00
Tapered Tenon Saw
  Tapered Tenon Saw Our Tapered Tenon Saw is the same in all respects as our Thin Pl..
AUD $ 349.00
Leather Case for Tapered Crosscut Saw
AUD $ 109.00