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Tenon Saws

Tenon Saws

Tenon Saw Rip

A Tenon Saw is a large backsaw used for making deep, accurate cuts in furniture joinery. It should make straight, fast cuts without binding. Based on a classic Henry Disston model from the early 20th century, Lie-Nielsen Tenon Saws have Curly Maple handles, Brass fittings, and stout ¾" x ¼" milled Brass backs. These saws are solid, well balanced and smooth cutting. Filed rip for cutting tenons, which is with the grain.


  • The Thin Plate, 16" Tenon Saw features a .032" blade and cuts exceptionally fast. 
  • Length overall is 21-1/4" and it has a 3-3/4" depth of cut.
  • Teeth are set at .004" (.10mm) per side. 
  • Filed rip at 11 Ppi.
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