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Finishing, Glue & Stripping Brushes

Finishing, Glue & Stripping Brushes

Rema Technibrosse Hand Made French Brushes 

RUN OUT : The company producing Rema brushes went out of business at the beginning of 2017, we have had plenty of stock up to now (Jan 2018), there is stock of everthing still but it is now limited, if you order and we have run out we will refund your payment, if you feel concerned please do not hesitate to ring us first. These are excellent brushes and will last a long time, well worth the investment.

Rema Brushes are traditional hand-made natural fiber brushes for discerning craftspeople. The Rema glue brushes are made in the same way as they were 200 years ago when master craftspeople were at work. For serious cabinetmakers, these are the glue brushes to buy. Similarly, for applying natural finishes, the Rema brushes are hand-made brushes for doing the best work. The double curved ends of the Rema brushes are a feature not found today even on other hand-made brushes. This is a traditional way of shaping the brush that really makes a difference when applying natural varnish, shellac or water finishes.