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Auriou Rasps

Auriou Rasps

Hand Made at Forge De Saint Juery.

Auriou rasps taper to allow them to be used more easily and to add to their versatility. They are stitched to the tip and to the edges. The roughing rasp, cabinet, modellers, flat and combo rasps are available as right or left handed versions. This is unique to Auriou.

Forming the teeth is called 'stitching' and hand stitching is done on a polished, forged, blank by the drop of a traditional rasp-makers hammer onto a special barleycorn pick. This gives a slightly random pattern to the cutting teeth resulting in a smoother finish to your work.

The finer grade rasps will take a highly skilled stitcher as much as 90 minutes to complete. The blank is then heat treated by a special process used only by Auriou. These tools are precision shaping tools. Auriou proud to be involved in keeping the best traditions of hand forged tools alive in this world of mass production.