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The standard by which all other measuring tools are measured.

Made in the USA.

Starrett tools are made to the highest standard of quality and workmanship. We want every tool in the hands of our customers to be accurate and satisfactory. If any tool is found not to be of Starrett quality, please contact us to arrange a return of that tool. Any tool proved to be defective in material or workmanship will, at our discretion, be repaired or replaced at no charge. Please note that we cannot replace or give credit for tools that have been improperly used, stamped or mutilated, or tools that have been altered or repaired by personnel not authorized by The L S Starrett Company. We will be pleased to quote a price to repair such tools.

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Starrett  Combination Square 150mm
Combination Squares Cast iron heads: No. 11HC Series with reversible lock bolts, scriber, spiri..
AUD $ 225.00
Vesper DSMBL Square
  Vesper Double Steel Square Set   Unlike other makers these fine precision..
AUD $ 324.00
Starrett Combination Square 300mm
Combination Squares Cast iron heads: No. 11HC Series with reversible lock bolts, scriber, ..
AUD $ 279.00
Starrett Combination Square 600mm
Combination Squares Cast iron heads: C11MH-600 with reversible lock bolts, scriber, spirit leve..
AUD $ 369.00
Starrett 100mm Sliding Rule Square
100mm Sliding Rule Square Sliding blade makes this precision square handy for layout. Depth and..
AUD $ 169.00
Starrett Double Steel Square
  Starrett Double Steel Square These fine precision double steel squares are designed ..
AUD $ 299.00
Starrett Trammel Points
Trammel Points Used to measure the distance between points that are too great to be reached w..
AUD $ 209.00
Starrett Caliper 150mm Dial
The Starrett 120M Series Dial Calipers. These calipers are used by mechanics and toolmakers e..
AUD $ 159.00
Starrett Caliper 150mm Vernier
The Starrett 125 Series Vernier Calipers. The Starrett 125 Vernier Caliper includes metric/in..
AUD $ 74.00
Starrett Bevel Gauge
  Starrett Bevel Gauge This smaller improved bevel gauge, has both of..
AUD $ 199.00
Starrett Protractor
Starrett Protractor For setting bevels, transferring angles, small squaring tasks, checking c..
AUD $ 159.00
Starrett Carbide Scriber
Starrett Carbide Scriber 70AX The handle is of steel, knurled, and nickel plated. The scriber..
AUD $ 84.00
Starrett Center Punch Automatic
Starrett Automatic Center Punch 818 The Starrett 818 Automatic Center Punch with Adjustable S..
AUD $ 117.00
Starrett Hinge Locating Punch
Starrett Automatic Hinge Locating Punch 819 The Starrett 819 Hinge-Locating Automatic Center ..
AUD $ 114.00
Starrett 5pce Nail punch
Starrett Square-Head Nail Punch Set S800PC  includes a set of five in protective plastic..
AUD $ 169.00
Starrett Hammer Toolmakers with magnifier
Starrett Hammer with magnifier This is a very practical tool at home on a toolmaker’s bench a..
AUD $ 230.00