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Like everything now with the pandemic, it has been a slow burn getting this knife produced, we should have it in a week or two, maybe!

The thickness will now be about 3mm give or take, the width of about 10 - 12mm, 160mm long, so it will have some heft and will not flex and the grip could be used as with a pencil or a full palmed hand grip.

 I rarely create dovetail pins with less than 3mm between the dovetails, so this type of knife serves well for dovetails and all other marking procedures. But, as I no longer have access to Blue Spruce products, (having a dealer in Australia does not seem to suit their business strategy any longer),  I would also like to be able to offer a narrow thickness marking knife and have chosen to import the Hock spearpoint marking knife which is 1.6 mm thick, width 6mm, length 178mm no scales. I did some research and have come to the conclusion anything thinner can allow the point to wander because of error in tip placement, really thin blades require very special attention (and good eyesight, which I no longer have) to where your start your mark, and let's face it working with anything in timber less than 1.6mm, is catastrophe lurking.

More details on this product later.  End of April

The larger knife is to be one-piece hardened carbon steel for easy sharpening, with no scales to maintain a slim thickness profile and a sheepfoot profile blade, to minimize accidental punctures, and flat to ensure it stays on your bench.

The photo is a representation only, as ours will not be blacksmith forged, but shows the intended profile and make-up.

We will be offering either of the knives individually or both as a kit, they will be shipped sandwiched in a plywood compartment for you to keep if you require to send the knives back to us for sharpening or restoration.

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