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LNA is producing a new marking Knife.

The knife is to be one-piece hardened carbon steel for easy sharpening, with no scales to maintain a slim thickness profile and a sheepfoot profile blade, to minimize accidental punctures, and flat to ensure it stays on your bench.

The photo is a representation only, as ours will not be blacksmith forged, but shows the intended profile and make-up.

Why? well, a marking knife needs to be on your person at all times, that and a square should be your most-used tools. But in most cases, unless it is a folding pocket knife, you need a sheath, which is invariably inconvenient, for a small knife. This one will slide safely into a top pocket of a leather apron, ( preferably one of ours ), the sheepfoot profile blade will not penetrate the pocket, ( However don't try it with an ordinary shirt pocket ).

The thickness will be about 2mm, width about 10 - 12mm so it will have some heft and will not flex and grip could like with a pencil or a full palmed hand grip. I rarely create dovetail pins less than 3mm so this type of knife serves well for dovetails and all other marking procedures.

More details on this product later. ETA Mid March.

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