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Some New Books

Coming Late November 2020



It has been a busy year for Lost Art Press, and Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Australia


There have been quite a few new editions added to their portfolio, but we apologize for the tardiness in our response here. The combination of our decision to bring the books over ourselves and COVID19 and organizing a freight company that works for us has meant we have been slow in getting these new and current books for you.

The good news is we have nearly all the editions now back in stock, with a few more current editions and new books to be added by Christmas.

We have had one issue, the case of Campaign Furniture was split with three-quarters of the books missing, and what was left mostly not saleable, we will work with Lost Art press to get another delivery.

The list of books below we will not be getting until some time next year, simply because of the volume, we have nowhere to put them at present.

Book of Plates

By Hound and Eye

Calvin Cobb

Door making and Window-Making

Grandpa's Workshop

Make a Joint Stool from a Tree

Making Things Work

Stanley Catalogue


Lost Art Press and other books
We have some news re what is going to be restocked, has sold out, and unfortunately delayed....
Lie- Nielsen Tool Availability 2021
As a result of the pandemic, we have had to make a number of adjustments to business as usual last year. Please bear with us as we move into 2021......
Anthony Powell
Owner Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Australia
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