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"Coping saws have always had a dilemma. Curved cuts go great until the frame gets in the way. Some of the better saws on the market address the problem by allowing the blade to pivot, but most require you to take the tension off the blade for adjustments or limit the travel to 90 degrees (or less). Blue Spruce Toolworks Ultimate Coping Saw frees you from these limitations with full 360-degree rotation under tension.  That’s right, you can pivot the saw blade all the way around within the frame while you’re sawing. After a little practice, you’ll find all you have to do is think about changing direction and it happens. " A statement by Dave Jeske from the Blue Spruce web site.

I bought this saw some time ago from Dave to have a look at it, I thought it was too expensive, it was after-all just a coping saw. Well, I am choking on my own words, this thing is amazing and until you actually use the thing in anger as it were, you just don't get it. It is intuitively excellent, easy to use, easy to be accurate, and fast. I had occasion to cut 32 dovetails into 530mm wide 19mm thick boards to join, a fret saw is too slow and my bandsaw does not have enough throat to turn the board enough, so I decided to get Dave's coping saw. The job was so easy, taking all the stress out of the work, I will never see the need to use a bandsaw for this work again.

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