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Bevel Edge Socket Chisels 1-1/2"


Lie-Nielsen Chisels are based on the Stanley 750 Bevel Edge Socket Chisels. Socket chisels are not common these days, perhaps because they are expensive to make, but Stanley and others once produced these chisels in a vast array. Socket chisel handles are less likely to break than tang chisels and can be replaced easily. At 9" long, our chisels are particularly comfortable in the hand and have excellent balance.

This is a large chisel, with a comfortable two-handed grip, this has the feel and use of large slick.

Last year the USA began working on a pre-production run of 1-1/2" Bevel Edged Socket Chisels. We have a small quantity ordered for stock. These have Hard Maple handles, A2 Steel.

We will have them by the end of June 2020

This is a limited run, and Lie-Nielsen USA tell me they are already out of stock to supply us, quick!

                                                                                                                            Regards Anthony

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We have some news re what is going to be restocked, has sold out, and unfortunately delayed....
Anthony Powell
Owner Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Australia
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