Auriou Rasps

Auriou Rasps

Michel Auriou is a 4th generation rasp and toolmaker.

Louis Auriou, Michel's grandfather, went to Paris to help Paulin. Louis came back to Saint-Juéry in 1933 and worked alone up until 1960 when he and Michel's father Bernard bought the company from Paulin. The forge and building where he now works in Saint Juery was built in 1967 and extended in 1975.

Michel is still the only toolmaker that uses the same forging techniques that earned Auriou a deserved reputation for quality. This reputation for fine tools is appreciated by artists and craftspeople throughout the world.

This is a small team - Michel, 2 blacksmiths/grinders, 2 stitchers, one stitcher/general trainee, and one blacksmith/grinder trainee.

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